Shamanic Journeying.

Shamanic Journeying is an ancient practice known and used by many cultures all over the world, for many thousand years. It is a technique where a combination of drums or rattles and guided visualisation, are used to bring you into an altered state of consciousness and guide you into a journey deep within yourself. 

A short scientific explanation:

Your right- and left brain wave at different frequencies. Mostly they don't synchronise, and they alternate each other in dominance about every 30 minutes to 3 hours. Listening to the rythmic, monotonous sounds of, for example, a drum, synchronises the frequency of our brainwaves. They gradually slow down from 'Beta-state' (thinking), to 'Alpha-state' (relaxation/meditation), to ' Theta state' (trance, altered consciousness). In this Theta state, we can experience visions, paranormal gifts, deep insights, 'aha-moments', and experience contact to our subconscious and our inner knowing. 

Being in this state of trance does not mean you are disconnected: you are fully present and involved. The experience feels real, and you can ask for guidance and clarity. This can come in many different forms - directly or in integration afterwards. 

As a guide I will help you in the visualisation process and create a space where you can receive this clarity and guidance. The experience feels real and all your senses are involved. This creates an embodied experience that helps to integrate and anchor the insights in you system. You will take it with you after the session and see that it will have an impact and help you make changes in your daily life. This experience also reconnects you to your natural state of balance, harmony and inner peace.

A shamanic journey can be booked as an individual, 1-1 experience (where we can dive deeply into your personal theme or question) or in group setting. Check out the calendar or contact me for bookings. ​​

 Ik heb een paar keer een shamanistische drum reis ondergaan. Het was een mooie beleving. Het dwong me om naar bepaald gedrag van mezelf te kijken, door begeleiding van haar tijdens deze reizen. Het had een helende werking en ik voelde me verderlicht. Hetzelfde geldt voor de fijne massages. Een bijzonder persoon met bijzondere gaven. Ik kan het iedereen aanraden. - Ben, Haarlem, NL


When that feels right and fitting, I work together with others to unite our gifts and create groupevents together.

United we can do so much more!

If you feel called for a collaboration, feel free to contact me.