Treatments and Rates.

'Touch came before sight, before speech. It is the first and last language, and it always speaks the truth.' - Margaret Atwood 


We often live fast lives, but to be able to truly feel ourselves, we need to slow down. 

Time and space are needed to get out of our minds and connect to our bodies, To reach the deeper layers within us.

Here, I create the space for you to slow down and to truly connect. To ensure that, the length of the sessions I offer is starting from 90 minutes. This gives you the opportunity to dive deep within yourself. Longer time slots are available too.

Holistic Massage

Indulge into self-care, deeply coming back to and rooting into your natural state of harmony and balance.

A treatment tailored to your needs, intention and energy in that moment. A beneficent mix of relaxation, deep tissue, lomi lomi and thai massage, shamanic healing and soundhealing. I make use of organic oils and essential oils.

90 min ~ €90,-

120 min ~ €110,-

Chakrabalancing Massage

For (energetic) re-balancing. This treatments focuses on blockages and imbalances in your body and system, exploring where they reside and what is needed for it. A combination of massage, energywork, guided visualization for the specific chakra, and unique, delicate chakra-oils for a total re-balance of your system. 

90 min ~ €90,-

120 min ~ €110,-

Somatic Therapy

In these sessions we let the body-mind-subconscious connection speak. We tune into the intelligence of your body,

through touch, mindfulness, and breathwork. We focus on the question or intention, using the language of your body as a roadmap to more clarity and release. Consciously reconnecting to your body's signals and feelings, helps you to align your choices and live your daily life more aligned with your needs, wishes and boundaries. 

90 min ~ €95,- 

120 min ~ €115,-

Body Imprint Removal

Breaking through and letting go of (unconscious) stagnated energy and trauma's stored in your body. 

(More info will follow.)

* All prices are including taxes

* Cancellations are free of charge up to 24 hours before the scheduled time.

Cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment, will be charged the full amount.

* These times may be financially challenging. Contact me if this is holding you back, and we'll find a way to make it work. Especially now, guidance and self-care is essential.