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As a child I grew up on the countryside in Italy, on the organic farm of my Dutch parents, until I was 11 years old.

Living in harmony with nature, pursuing dreams and contribute to the world. These are some of the values I've been brought up with, next to inheriting a good dose of adventurous travel genes. 

I'm feeling deeply grateful to have grown up in such a pure, free and open way. 

It is the base from where I live my daily life, and my work.

I remember looking at the mountains at the horizon and wonder what the world would look like there. 

I remember being fascinated by masks and other cultural objects from indigenous tribes. We had many travelers staying with us and working on the farm. People from all walks of life, adventurous free souls. How intrigued I was by them!

My curiosity for the vast world out there, and for different cultures, has always been a part of me. I am touched by the true humbleness I often see in native people. Their deep connection to the earth and the spiritual worlds in and around us, 

inspires me and became a part of my daily life and work.


After graduating as dramatherapist in 2012, 

I left for a long travel that took me to many corners of the world in the following 5 years. Europe, Asia and Australia.

It became a journey that keeps on evolving within me until today and further on, wherever I am. 


My drive for adventure and the unknown, is fed by the fact that these moments ask us to radically  connect to our intuition and inner knowing and move from that place within. 

It asks us to be completely in the moment, with all that is present inside and around us. 

Experiencing life to the fullest. 


Thanks to many of those moments, I have had the opportunity to get to know my intuition and inner voice, and act upon it with more and more trust, learning that this voice never fails to tell my truth. 

Moving through fears, insecurities, not knowing, and doing it anyway. Rooting a sense of trust and strength, deeper and deeper withing me. 

From the connection of this place within myself, I was able to create a life aligned to my deepest desires and dreams.

and this process of magical ceations is ungoing.  How exciting! 

So here I am, grateful and honored to share what I practice for my own life, with you too.

I am here to guide you back to your own voice of truth, and to start to create your life from your dreams and visions. 



It may sound cliche, but it's for a reason:

All you seek, is already within you. In each moment, again and again.

Many experiences in life and countless self-development training's, workshops, retreats, teachers, healers, guides, old and young sages helped me to get back to what already was within me all along. My true essence. Nothing else is needed.

Yet, it can be quite a journey to come back to that place.

We don't need to do it all alone, and we all have our guides in our lives. 

I am honored and humbled to help you find your way home.

With Love,

Francis Luz

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