Valentine's Love Ritual

(Individual or Couple's sessions)

An immersive 1.5hr journey through heart, body & soul.

We start with a cacao ceremony where we will drink a pure, raw cacao drink in ceremonial setting. This is an ancient Mayan tradition. Cacao has an uplifting, heart opening and grounding effect.

It contains many minerals and anti-oxidans and connects you deeply to yourself and others, as well as to your intuition and heart. It moves energy, emotions and blockages.

During the ceremony you will set your intentions from the heart, for your self and/or the other. Also I will guide you on a journey through a soundscape of different instruments and guided visualisation.

A very special gift for Yourself

or your Beloved!

Private session: €85,-

Couple's session: €150,-

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Online sessions


Through shamanic drumjourneys and specific topics (different each week),

I will guide you into a deep state to find reconnection to your self and gain profound insights, harmony and healing. Every Sunday evening 8 - 9.30 PM (CET).

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