Francis Luz.

Transformational coaching | Bodywork | Shamanic Journeying        

Every moment in life you can choose to move from your truth and inner knowing, thus living an authentic life,

true to who you truly are.

Beyond thoughts. Beyond limiting beliefs. Beyond judgments. Beyond past and future.

From a place of stillness and connection with yourself on all layers, you will find the source of your own, inner knowing.

Your essence.

In my work I offer you experiences that help you reconnect with this source of wisdom, for a more free and ease-full life. 

We work with the language of the body, the language of the subconscious, and the language of nature,

using tools like bodywork, awakening consciousness and shamanic practices.

Feel free to to contact me for more information and an intake call.

Welcome Home.

Francis Luz

Haarlem, Abcoude (Amsterdam), Online sessions and retreats and events worldwide.